She made herself promise

“That was the day she made herself promise to live more from intention and less from habit.”

A wonderful friend gave me some real-talk this week. I needed it. For the last two years I’ve let my personal life slide. My habits have become something that conflict with my values. I’ve put all of my energy into work and school and have been coasting in the personal relationships of my life. I am someone who has strong ethics and morals and live by them professionally and academically. Personally, I’ve become apathetic. After the talk with my friend, I realized just how far my actions in my personal life had strayed. All you can do is move forward with more intention. I plan on living my life (in all areas) aligned more closely with my values. You get what you give, and if I hope to ever be in a meaningful relationship again, I have to start caring about my actions and the quality of relationships I am pursuing. It’s easy to go on auto-pilot, but that can lead to hurting people. I want to live an authentic, honest, and fulfilling  life. I’m going to start pursuing relationships not with a short-term mindset, but start pursuing them based on my long-term goals.


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