Sun Sign Libra and Aquarius Rising

I received a personalized horoscope reading…I’m amazed by the accuracy!

The combination of sun sign Libra and Aquarius Rising makes you a bit rebellious and stubborn. Because you listen to your intuition, you make choices easier than most Librans. You are noticeably calm and levelheaded. You think fast on your feet and formulate ideas well. You are focused on others and enjoy running with a crowd. A lover of peace, you’ll never losesight of the common good.

Crystal, you are usually friendly and open, but if someone does something to anger you, you can respond fiercely. You stand up for yourself and your opinion, and in doing so are not afraid of the consequences. Your bright mind is perhaps your most noticeable feature. You are open to new and original ideas, preferring to go your own way than to stay on the path more traveled. You are continually in search of new and better rationales and ways of doing things. Although you are interested in new things, you are not easily convinced of a new philosophy. You form your own opinion about everything and your approach is always intellectual. Once you’ve become convinced of something, you try to persuade others of it as well. The reason is that you don’t like people to have another opinion, different from your own. Usually you are calm, able to keep your feelings under control. Emotions can confuse you. You tend to try to avoid or ignore them. It’s difficult for you to understand emotional people who allow themselves to be ruled by their feelings. You have an eye for the exceptional, the unusual, and the willfulness of others, and you yourself are noticed for your originality. You are conscious of your own individuality as well, and will search out others who have clear-cut personal opinions. With them you enjoy discussing your thoughts and ideals. You may be a bit shy in new surroundings, but as soon as you feel comfortable somewhere you are superb company. You love to meet new people, especially those with offbeat personalities. You don’t judge people by the way they look. Your attitude towards everyone is friendly, perhaps a bit businesslike, but always with a great sense of humor. You don’t try to dominate. If you don’t feel at ease you may seem arrogant, as if you think you are better than the rest.

You love to be in a group and enjoy games and hot debates. What you don’t like are people who want to exercise some power over you, which is why you may have trouble with authority. Your fondest wish is for a world where everyone lives as equals.

Also, my Moon is in Gemini, which means: Crystal, you feel most at home in a lively atmosphere where something new is always going on. That way, there is lots for you to see and to learn. Everywhere you go there is something that catches your imagination, hence you don’t care to isit the same place twice. Only a library can provide you with enjoyment over and over again. You take pleasure in stocking your own bookshelf, too.


You enjoy debates and get involved in everything. Still, you don’t like to be around people who talk incessantly about their problems, or people who lean on you too heavily. In such cases you’d rather pick up an exciting novel. Because of this habit, you might seem to have little patience with others. Although you are always willing to help people with practical problems, you don’t cope well with emotional difficulties. You have a logical manner of thinking, and therefore have trouble imagining how others get themselves into emotionally charged situations. You are not the jealous, possessive type, partly because you can’t stand that type of person. To a large degree, you are in favor of freedom in a relationship, whereby both you and your partner can develop your talents completely.


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